Independence Medical - Fraudulent Company

Independence Medical is a racket... They buy products through Edgepark Surgical (a company that RGH enterprises owns, as they are the parent of Independence Medical as well).

Edgepark marks up products and sells them to Independence Medical and Milliken Medical (also owned by RGH). All of RGH's companies are cannibals. They steal business from their customers (who use them to drop ship orders). They call your customers and offer to provide them with lower cost products from Edgepark Medical and they offer to have Edgepark do the insurance billing for free.

This is dishonest as our company had RGH in a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement, yet they choose to selectively defraud their clients. I SUGGEST that all of the medical providers out there buy from OTHER companies as this company and all RGH Enterprises companies are fraudulent and dishonest companies. Do not trust what they tell you as their company managers and their president approve these deceiptful policies. They also provide accounts to companies that are not even licensed medical companies...

I hope that the BBB and other companies put an end to Independence Medical's deceiptful practices. We are not the only company that they have done this to, and you know that we will not be the last. If the mfg's knew what Edgepark Surgical was doing with buying products as a retailer and then selling them to other companies to distribute them wholesale, they would also be in trouble with the mfg's. I suggest that all mfg's pull their products from them and supply other honest suppliers.

Independence Medical owns Reliamed (owned by RGH Enterprises as well) and this company makes products from Taiwan suppliers and sells them in the US and Europe. They basically try to have you force your products over to the Reliamed brand products and they have selectively chose to discontinue all name brand products. I hope that Independence Medical, Edgepark Surgical, Meyer Distributing, Milliken Medical, and Reliamed all meet the fate of the titanic!

Beware, you have been warned. Their are tons of other suppliers out there that can beat their pricing and do not practice account cannibalization!



As a customer I was approached (through strong arm sales tactics) to purchase a PKU formula product through Edgepark for my son who has PKU. I was told they would contact my insurance company and guaranteed approval of coverage for their product.

I was surprised because my insurance company has never approved any type of medically prescribed food product but the sales associate at Edgepark assured me that they could get approval because they code their products in a way that makes it accepted by all companies. I thought this was great and they shipped out our first order. I was repeatedly called after that to reorder product & accepted only one more shipment, with a different flavor as my son didn't care for the 1st one, and I finally had to tell them that I would contact them if we decided we wanted another shipment and to please stop contacting us. Almost a year goes by & I suddenly get a bill in the mail for the full cost of the product which I was assured was approved by insurance and Edgepark states insurance coverage was denied and they exhausted all appeals.

To make it worse, I since got a new insurance carrier and Edgepark will not supply me with any proof they ever got insurance approval so I cannot easily take up a fight against the past insurance carrier.

There is very little financial assistance for PKU patients and I think its terrible that there is a company preying on these unsuspecting families that already have too many medically related financial issues. Be warned.


I was thinking about going to EP for an interview but these "kind" comments of this place scared me off....Sounds like unemployment benys are better right now??? Thanks!!

:p I read all the previous comments and can see all sides of all issues listed. But I want to share my RGH experience. I was laid off from a job I hated!!! After applying for a couple of job and interviewing I accepted a position in Edgepark billing department making $1.00 more than my previous job. I hated Edgepark at first because I was trained by a woman that looked like a baby dinosaur but after a nine months I became good and quickly got promoted. I love going to work each day and yes while the work volume is high but I work around a bunch of quality people. Understand that we deal with patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and various other outlets day in and day out. While every experience isn't going to be perfect I believe that the good far outweighs the bad. Patients complain about not getting their products but they fail to advise that they got new insurance and we have to verify that new insurance, oh and heaven forbid that the insurance needs an authorization because that will extend the time.
And lets not mention that their doctor didn't write a script for the product because now we have to chase his *** down.

I think that for any consumer to have a positive experience with RGH they have to have all their duck is a row!!!! ----signed proud a three year EP employee. :upset :eek
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The company is horrible to work for. I hated my employment there and they will find every way to cheat you out of your money and your vacation time.

They will have unwritten documentation on "rules" they abide by. Any competition you participate in or program you are not guaranteed your money. If you are not there on the day it is distributed you will NOT get it even if you earned it. they say everything is a "bonus" whether it is or not to cover their *** and when you try to confront them or even ask why something is a certain why they threaten you your job.

Management hates confrontation and if you try to talk to someone at a higher level they will downgrade you and threaten your job. Managers make fun of employees and treat them so unfair.

I have NEVER worked for a worse company that treated their employees like *** and tried to find anyway they could to screw them over. I worked in customer care and they wonder why our cusotmer service sucked sometime, even other departments like insurance verification, rx or billing, because we are treated like *** and it shows on the phones.


I agree 100% about them not treating their employees right! They expect customer service to be kind and caring to customers and when we are we are berated!

They walk around screaming right next to us, like the customers cant hear that! Icould not work for people like that as uncaring and money oriented as they are!

All out for the buck! You are so right they push the cheap foreign Reliamed products and computer auto flips to them and employees get punished and charged if we flip to what the customer prefers!!!!It was taken from our pay for every error like that!


I completely agree w/comment #5. I, too am an ex-employee and was completely appalled by how they treat their employees.

The management there will let you know who they like and who they do not, and they make it obvious by belittling the employees they aren't fond of, in front of the rest of the group. Every day that I was there I dreaded going in because I wasn't sure what I would be yelled at for next...and really, the only things that people did 'wrong' were done because the training program stinks.

The consumer group, I agree, was genuinely concerned about the consumers. However, if they talked to the consumers on the phone like they were actual human beings and not just another sale, they would be reprimanded or written up.

I don't have too many good things to say about Edgepark. The people that generally don't make it very far in that company are the ones who are friendly, normal, and who genuinely care about the consumers.


If what you said about Independence Medical is true have you contacted the state Attorney General's office?

I have had endless problems with Edgepark through Secure Horizons. They have sent defective diabetic supplies and they DON'T reply to calls.

I did get them to replace the defective supplies when I threatened them with sending them to someone who would be able to fine them. :(

I would like to know why Independence Medical sent a COD package to my home when I didn't order anything, and never have..


Wow, You are so right. I just received a packing slip from Independence.

It had the shipping address for edgepark right on it. I don't think I have had any customers stolen yet, but they are deffinately the same company, and I will no longer be ordering from them.


I am also an ex-employee of RGH Enterprises, and I have to say that I was more concerned about how badly they treat their employees. It was probably one of the worst places I've ever worked. The information about the multiple, competing companies in one building is completely true.

However, I must say that the customer care group were genuinely good at their job (even if they were berated for telling their colleagues jokes or for making personal calls, outside, on their cell phones, during lunch breaks.)

I was very impressed with how the customer care group treated customers. It's about the only good thing I can say about the place, though.

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I read the post as well... This sounds to me like the original post was placed by Invacare Supply Group.

Independence Medical has been taking their market share for years, and of course they would be pissed. However claiming that RGH is responsible for stealing accounts and trying to sell to them directly using Edgepark, is 100% NOT TRUE! We have done business with RGH for years and had not ONE ISSUE! I understand what you are saying in terms of Independence not requiring licensing or Medicare numbers to setup an account as Invacare Supply Group does require that and that is a valid point.

We have accounts with several suppliers and yes, the majority due require licensing information to obtain an account. I agree that RGH should start doing the same to prevent "tractor" companies from becoming medical companies and trying to sell medical products that they know nothing about and they could injure people! Truly this post to me is nothing more than a complaint from ISG or another competitor to RGH. Who even cares which company buys which is sells to their other companies and then resells.

Every company that RGH has which are thousands, know this arrangement. RGH even tells you this up front if you ask them. Reliamed is another issue. Offering their customers cheaper products that are the same quality is what a good supplier is bound to do.

They can cry all they want, as Independence beats them at all that they do! We would certainly rather do business with Independence over ISG and all of their other competitors!

Another satisified RGH account

to Another satisified RGH account #1025778

This post is a joke and obviously written by someone who works for RGH.

San Nicolas De Los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico #757

I read your review and approached RGH about this. I do not believe what you are saying is true and it has never happened to our company.

We have done business with them for years and they have never done such a thing.

So please do not post a comment that is 100% BS. Adieu.

A satisified RGH account

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